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Voltex Twist Connect
Voltex Twist Connect
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Fast & Reliable

The Twist Connect is finally here! The new quick connect socket outlet designed in Australia by sparkies, for sparkies!.

The Twist Connect is designed to reduce installation time by more than 50% and ensures a reliable connection every time.

Fast and Reliable

Solid & Compact

Made from impact resistant polycarbonate, the Twist Connect has been engineered in Australia
to give you confidence that it will last a lifetime.

Has been specifically designed to make the installation experience a breeze and to fit easily through a 70mm cut-out.

Solid and Compact

Precisely Engineered

Two Twist Connect versions have been specifically created to accomodate the small but critical difference between 1.5 mm2 and 2.5 mm2 cable.

The blades are precisely positioned to align with each conductor when the cable is pressed into the channel.

STEP 1: after pressing the cable on the blades. (section view)

STEP 2: after closing the Twist Connect. (section view)

End of line termination pocket.

Installation Process

Please follow this process
to ensure a correct installation.


Untwist the collar until it clicks


Remove the base and push the cable into the channel (make sure to check polarity and to press well)


Reinsert the base


Twist the collar until the arrows align

Built To Last

The Twist Connect has been rigorously tested by electricians to ensure it exceeds trade expectations.

It also went through extensive testing to guarantee compliance with all relevant Australian Standards.

2000 HR +
85% RH
7 Years Warranty
Twist Connect Plug Base 10A for 1.5mm² cable - 10 pack
Twist Connect Plug Base 10A for 1.5mm² cable - 10 pack
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Twist Connect Plug Base 10A for 2.5mm² cable - 10 pack
Twist Connect Plug Base 10A for 2.5mm² cable - 10 pack
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