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Voltex Listens

Voltex genuinely listens to your feedback to continuously improve and develop innovative products.

The Co-Developed Process

Ideation Your Voice, Our Blueprint

At Voltex, we start with what matters most: your insights. You are the boots on the ground, and your suggestions fuel our innovation engine. We collect and upload hundreds of product improvement ideas and new concepts from you into our "Product Feedback Database" every week.

Screening & Curating Prioritising Excellence

Product experts sift through this collective intelligence, prioritising product improvements and new ideas based on the frequency of similar requests, potential impact, and practical feasibility. This ensures that Voltex focuses on what brings the most value to you.

Screening and Curating
Designing Collaborative Creativity

With your ideas as a guide, Voltex crafts concept designs and bring them to life with rapid 3D prototypes, right here at Voltex. Continuous collaboration with Electricians ensures that designs are refined to meet the real-world demands.

The Design Stage
Tooling & Testing Commitment to Quality

Upon finalising the design, Voltex invest in injection molding tools to bring our shared vision into reality. To guarantee the highest quality and compliance with Australian and New Zealand standards, Voltex conduct rigorous tests, including accelerated aging, electrical safety, and other essential compliance assessments.

Tooling and Testing
Rollout Full Circle Innovation

The final products, manufactured to Voltex specifications, are then released for sale. But the Co-Developed process continues. Voltex circles back to step one, seeking your feedback on the new products, and the innovation cycle begins again!

The Rollout

Want to Co-Develop

Electrical Innovators For Life

Voltex has created an exclusive Innovators Group on Facebook where electricians can share innovative ideas, from improving packaging designs to developing entirely new products.

Join the Innovators

Co-Developed Products

Classic Horizontal Double Power Outlet 250V 10A
SlimX 10mm Slim 9W 90mm Downlight

Co-Developed Products Coming Soon

Rocket Booster

A Connector Reducer to help you get multiple cables into small terminal blocks!

Ultra Link

A tiny Junction box with lead to allow easy connection of multiple large cables to anything with small terminals.

Co-Developed Products
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