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Product Development Cycle

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Where Ideas Come From

The team at Voltex spend thousands of minutes on the phone every week. Along the way they're listening to ideas and loading them into a central "Development Database". Because Voltex is committed to giving your ideas a voice. Your feedback is key to the Voltex process.

Send Us Your Thoughts

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Screening and Curating

Whether it's a suggestion for product improvement, or an inquiry on why an item isn't in the range, they all get loaded and tracked for number and frequency of similar requests.

Each entry is weighted according to 2 major criteria: A) Impact on Sustainable Growth; B) Ease and cost of implementation. Ideas that reach the top of the database are nominated for assessment on viability and market demand, with alternative development paths discussed and explored.

The "winners" move on to the design engineers, who generate requirements documentation and specifications drafts.

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The Design Stage

These will be used to produce 3D modelling 'Sketches' from Voltex's in-house array of 3D Printers. Team discussions around the 3D printed parts help to refine the designs. They'll get reprinted as required, and then CAD files are developed.

In-House Prototyping Tools

5 Axis CNC Mill Machine
Resin 3D Printer
CAD Drawing
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Tooling and Testing

3D modelling aids tooling and production process design, tooling quotes, and Pre-validation prototyping. Next, serious money is spent on the Tooling and commissioning that tooling. The off-tool samples are assessed, production data is reviewed, and final costings get done.

Packaging design is all done by in-house, including inner & outer cartons and the installation guides.

Accelerated aging tests are conducted here to confirm the product will easily surpass the Voltex 25 Year Warranty performance standards. AS/NZ Standards compliance certifications are completed by accredited independent laboratories. Quality Control plans are written up for the new product and its processes.

In-House Testing Tools

RCD Tester
Glow Wire Test Machine
Humidity Chamber
Endurance Tester
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The Rollout

Then comes the launch date, when product is loaded to the website and then released to contractors for them to use. And another round of feedback begins!

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